Education Technology Consulting Services in Miami

Education Technology Consulting


Integrating technology into a school requires experience, foresight, and patience. Empower IT specializes in educational technology. Our focus is on cost effective solutions for schools that deliver high impact, quantifiable results for students.

So much of technology integration in schools is about stability. Devices and infrastructure need to be reliable and consistent for educators and students alike to be able to maximize their use of technology in the classroom. But what happens after the environment is stable? How do educators remain at the forefront of technology integration or pedagogical development? How do administrators ensure staff have the resources to do more with the tools they have?

Empower IT Group have a team of experts that engage in professional development for teachers – ranging from application choices to curriculum development and “SAMR Model” lesson plan escalation. For a fraction of the cost of a full time Educational Technologist, we can help a team make sense of what they have and how best to use it.

We can can advise on all aspects of education technology. From what hardware to buy, what software to choose, and how to help teachers and staff understand how to implement these solutions in their lesson plans.

Cost & Budget Analysis

Often administration has very strict budget guidelines. Empower IT can help identify a budget for effective education technology solutions that work in the classroom.

Educating the Teachers

We help the teachers have meaningful access and support to use the technology. We integrate the tech in a way that brings clarity of purpose, ease of delivery, and functionality that administration can use to justify costs and provide tangible results.

Empowering Students

Most importantly, we provide  students with resources and tools to dramatically enhance their education in a very short time.